Marvel’s Jessica Jones was released in November 2015 on Netflix and became an instant hit. Due to critical acclaim, the series was renewed for a second season expected to be released in 2018. The show stars Krysten Ritter who plays the titular character, Jessica Jones. Ritter’s performance as the character whose sarcasm and ferocity made fans fall in love with the character.

Another factor for the series’ success is David Tennant’s performance as Kilgrave. Kilgrave had the power to control people’s minds, and Jessica was one of his victims. Tennant’s creepy performance as Kilgrave made him one of the best villains.

In the finale of Season 1, Jessica was immune to Kilgrave’s powers. She broke his neck, killing him.

Entertainment Weekly released a photo of Tennant’s return to set for the second season of Jessica Jones. Fans are excited to see the actor return to the series. In the photo, Tennant is wearing Kilgrave’s iconic purple suit. Marvel is keeping Tennant’s involvement on the show a secret. But with his death in Season 1, how will Kilgrave make a return to Jessica’s life? Here are some possible ways.


In Season 1, Jessica dealt with posttraumatic stress disorder from her time spent with Kilgrave. Even if she was far away from him, she still felt scared. She may not have gotten completely over her trauma, despite killing him herself.

It is possible that in Season 2, Kilgrave will be haunting and torturing Jessica from the grave.

Back to life

Sure Jessica broke his neck, but there might be some other way that he survived it. Someone could have healed him somehow and brought him back to life. There is also the possibility that he never really died. That it wasn’t Kilgrave that died, and he faked his death in some way.

If Kilgrave really faked his own death, it would be crushing for Jessica. The relief she experienced when she killed him was a powerful scene from the series. It would seem unfair if it gets taken away from her.


The most likely possible explanation for Kilgrave’s return is a flashback.

Even in Season 1, there were a series of flashbacks to when Jessica was still his prisoner. Fans gained an understanding of their relationship, what she went through and why they are the way they are. For Season 2, fans may get to see more flashbacks to Jessica’s time with him. It is also a possibility for a new season character to be introduced, someone related to Kilgrave.

It is exciting to wait for the second season of Jessica Jones and more so to see how Kilgrave’s return to the series will be portrayed. While waiting for Season 2, Jessica Jones will be part of The Defenders. The series will be released on Netflix on August 18.