Netflix has released a new trailer for "The Defenders" last week, and although the show won't be aired until a few months from now, Marvel fans are already very excited. The miniseries is a culmination of interconnected Marvel and Netflix shows and is based on the Marvel superhero team of the same name.

For the those who are yet unaware, the series stars Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), and Finn Jones (Iron Fist), and they are all reprising their roles from their individual series. "The Defenders" is just a miniseries, and it will only consist of eight episodes.

Daredevil is Jessica Jones' lawyer

Now, the recently released "The Defenders" trailer shows a handcuffed Jessica Jones, and she is being interrogated by another Marvel popular character, Misty Knight, about messing up a case. Jessica looks like she just came straight out of a fight, and she has some blood on her face. Just then, Matt Murdoch or Daredevil in his lawyer suit comes in and introduces himself as Jessica's lawyer. You can tell that when Jessica finds it hard to believe that a blind man is going to represent her.

The scene then switches over to Luke Cage with Claire Temple, who tells him that she'd like to introduce him to someone. There's another scene change, and this time, we see Danny Rand or Iron Fist.

Danny and Luke come face to face, and they engage in a fight. Danny can be heard asking Luke why he can't be hurt, and Luke asking Danny in return, "What's the deal with that fist?" A slow motion of Danny's iron fist hitting Luke's face shows a glowing fist, you can see the veins in it.

The unlikely superhero team comes together

Stick, Daredevil’s mentor, can then be heard giving a little bit of an overview about each character's capability: Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, the Smart-ass detective, the righteous ex-con and a kid with a glowing fist. This part gave fans a glimpse of what we are in for - an action-packed series from a very unlikely superhero team.

The trailer then shows the team fighting bad guys as they make their way through a corridor. Sigourney Weaver's appearance is also highlighted, and she plays a new villain named Alexandra, who, fans assume, could be linked to The Hand. "The Defenders" trailer teased Elektra's revival, which could only mean that she is going to be an adversary. This Netflix miniseries, "The Defenders," will premiere on August 8.