Actor Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that she will be taking a two-year Break from acting. The star has been going nonstop for the past few years and has decided to take a break from her busy schedule. Fans are devastated that Lawrence is withdrawing from her acting career.

The actor wants to take some time to relax

According to Just Jared, Jennifer Lawrence has claimed that there was no particular thing, which led her to take a break from acting. She stated that she simply wanted to take a break and is doing just that. The actor has starred in several blockbusters over the past seven years including "Silver Linings Playbook" and "The Hunger Games."

When asked what she would do in her spare time Lawrence stated that she has no idea.

She joked that maybe she would start making pottery. The actor has shared that she will not be completely disappearing from the acting scene that she will be taking part in promotional work for her upcoming movies such as "Mother!" and "X-Men: Dark Phoenix."

In a report by Variety Jennifer Lawrence also stated that she wants to take the time off to think about where she wants to go next in life. She explained that she wants to think about having children and to decide what she wants out of her life.

The actor wants more privacy from the media

According to Variety, Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about the fact that she wants more privacy from the media. While this did not provoke her to take a break from acting, it certainly plays a part into her decisions as a whole.

The actor has been dating her former director Darren Aronofsky.

Lawrence stated that she finds the media's attention very difficult to deal with. She claims that she is still coming to terms with the lack of privacy that she is afforded because of the nature of her career. She stated that she loves her job and wishes that she could be afforded the same privacy as other members of the public.

In a report by The Sun, Lawrence has revealed that the situation with the media is very frustrating. She stated that as an actor she finds the attention she gets very overwhelming. She claims that she separates herself from the screaming fans as she realizes that they are excited for the movie and her character.

Jennifer Lawrence has stated that despite the fact that she is taking a two-year break from acting she will be back for promotion in six months’ time. Fans are delighted to hear that Lawrence will not be withdrawing from the limelight completely.