Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra had the makings of a super couple. The girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the spoiled rich playboy had nothing in common except the fact that they loved each other. Everyone was against them and fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" believed true love would win. Unfortunately for Ms. Spectra, Caroline got her man because Pierce Forde left the show. And he hot romance became much ado about nothing.

The abrupt flip in the script that tore Thomas and Sally apart

"The Bold and the Beautiful" aired an episode where Liam announced that Caroline was not dying and that Bill had ordered the Spectra building to be burned down.

Viewers believed this would bring "Tally" back together but the next day it was revealed that it was only an illusion. Liam was only thinking t himself about what would happen if he exposed his father's lies. And fans who were rooting for Thomas and Sally were about to see the writers abruptly flip the script and tear this favored couple apart.

Thomas came back to town to visit Sally when she was hospitalized after the fire but could not stay. He seemed detached and not truly devoted to Ms. Spectra, and this should have been a sign that the handwriting was on the wall. Last week Thomas called to say that Caroline had gone into remission and he was staying in NewYork with his family. After all, they had been through together, and especially since the fire, Thomas should have shown Ms.

Spectra a little more respect than to break up with her by phone.This abrupt flip in the script is no doubt because Pierce Forde decided to leave his role on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Sally Spectra will survive without Thomas

Thomas returned from LA. to New York because things were not working out with Caroline. He fell for Sally and gave up everything for love.

He walked away from the family business and gave Ms. Spectra $100,000.00 to pay the rent on the Spectra building. He alienated himself from the Forrester clan for this woman and now viewers are expected to believe that the just magically reconnected with Caroline when it had not happened before.

Spoiler alerts give no hint of why Pierce Forde left his role but it obviously was on short notice based on the way the storyline was changed.

My search engine pulled up the website which indicated Forde was going to join the cast of MacGyver but suggested I not click on the link because it was dangerous. There is no other information on the web to back this up. So Thomas and Caroline will live happily ever after and he will never know it's based on a lie.

Spoilers do indicate that this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Steffy is going to confront Sally about owning the Spectra building and property. So hold your tears because Ms. Spectra is going to be alright and will survive without Thomas Forrester.