Jenelle Evans has been focusing on herself over the past couple of years, as she's gone from one relationship to another while filming "Teen Mom 2." For a long time, Evans truly wanted a family unit for herself, but she kept choosing all of the wrong guys. When she had found Nathan Griffith, she truly felt that he was the one for her. The two had a child, but she quickly realized that perhaps he wasn't the right one for her, as he was quick to find love elsewhere. Evans then found David Eason shortly after her split with Nathan and the two quickly settled into a routine, where she was the stay-at-home mother and David was the father working out of the home.

The two had a daughter together and they are getting married later this month. But now that Evans is done with having children and is ready to settle down, she wants to focus on her business. This weekend, Evans revealed that she's launching her very own makeup line and fans were confused.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans revealed that she had been working on this makeup line for quite some time and it is something she has mentioned before. At the time, Chelsea DeBoer accused Evans of trying to steal one of her business ventures but Jenelle didn't seem to care. It sounds like Evans decided to stick to her dream of being an entrepreneur, even though her "Teen Mom 2" co-star didn't like it.

Copying business ventures

Of course, Chelsea went to school for beauty, hair, and makeup so it makes sense that she is the one who launches a makeup line. Jenelle Evans went to school for a medical profession and she never really focuses on her appearance on the show. Jenelle is already wearing little makeup, always has messy hair, and is often seen wearing sweaters and a hoodie.

"Why does every teen mom or kind of famous person write a book & make a makeup brand & on top of that she doesn't really do makeup much," one of Evans' followers wrote on Instagram, revealing that it made no sense for Evans to have her own makeup line.

Life after MTV show

Some fans may not be interested in buying Jenelle's makeup line, especially since it makes no sense for her to have this kind of business.

Many people questioned whether it was the right business decision for her, but she may be thinking about her life after "Teen Mom 2" comes to an end. Several of the girls have revealed they are tired of the way MTV portrays them and they are thinking about leaving the show behind. One can imagine Jenelle wants to be ready with some money in her account before the show ends.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans launching a makeup line?