"Days of our Lives" spoilers have confirmed that actress Lisa Rinna will be returning to Salem as Billie Reed. The actress has portrayed Billie, the daughter of Kate Roberts, and sister to Austin Reed and Lucas Horton, multiple times in the past. However, she hasn't been seen on the NBC soap since 2012. While it has yet to be revealed why Billie will be returning to Salem, fans have some theories that could lead to some serious drama.

Rinna returns to 'DOOL' as Billie Reed

According to Pop Culture, Lisa Rinna is set to reprise the role of Billie Reed on "Days Of Our Lives" in early 2018.

Rinna, who was last seen on "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills," has reportedly already started filming episodes, and will be seen in the coming months on "DOOL." When fans last saw Billie, she had left Salem to go live in Europe, where she landed a job offer.

Hope and Billie's feud reignited?

As many "Days of our Lives" fans may remember, Billie Reed caused a lot of drama during her time in Salem, especially with Hope Brady and her husband Bo Brady. Billie and Bo were once an item and married during a time when Bo and Hope were not together. Hope and Billie have never particularly liked one another and tensions rose to an all time high when it was revealed that Bo and Billie's daughter, Chelsea Brady, was still alive after the couple had believed she had died.

Later, a teenage Chelsea was responsible for driving recklessly and hitting Bo and Hope's son, Zac, on the road with her car. Zac later died from the injuries, and everyone involved was devastated by the huge loss.

Will Billie go after Rafe?

This time around, "Days of our Lives" could be trying to reignite the feud between Hope and Billie, which could lead them to be fighting over the same man yet again, Hope's fiance, Rafe Hernandez.

While Rafe is head over heels in love with Hope, and would likely never do anything to jeopardize his relationship with her, things could get heated if Billie decides to pursue the Salem police officer in a romantic way.

Will Billie team up with Kate again?

While Billie Reed's return to Salem may have absolutely nothing to do with Hope Brady, she may be coming home to help her mother, Kate Roberts-DiMera, with a business situation.

Currently, Kate and her husband Andre are battling it out over DiMera Enterprises, and Kate may need her only daughter's help with the situation. No matter what brings Billie back to "Days of our Lives," fans are sure to be interested in the reason for her return, and will likely be tuning in to find out what drama she'll bring with her.