Jenelle Evans is planning on getting married this weekend to her long-time boyfriend, David Eason, but there's one person who won't be attending the wedding. Even though Jenelle's relationship with her mother has been up and down over the past couple of years, Evans is furious that her mother isn't working with her to get Jace back in her care. When Jace was just a few months old, Barbara revealed she would be caring for him, as she had the home, the money, and the healthcare to ensure he was taken care of. Jenelle signed over the custodial rights to her mother with the agreement that Jace would be returned to her when she was stable and on her feet.

Now, almost 8 years later, he is still in the care of Barbara.

On "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans has documented her journey as she's worked to change things around. She wants to prove that she's capable of caring for her children and she wants Jace to live with her so he can be around his siblings. Jace keeps telling Jenelle that he wants to live with her, but he tells Barbara that he wants to stay with her too. Fans appear to be split as well, as some people want Jace back with Jenelle while others feel she's not ready. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans recently revealed that she wasn't doing very well and that it all had to do with custody.

Did rehab really help?

Fans started arguing about whether things would have been different if Jenelle had gotten a job and stayed clean after signing over her parental rights.

During the early seasons of "Teen Mom 2," viewers saw how Jenelle chose to steal her mother's credit card, travel to New Jersey, smoke pot, break into a summer home, get arrested several times, and even get an addiction to heroin. She did get some help, but it seems like her mother still doesn't trust her. Fans may also question whether she can truly care for Jace if he is legally required to stay with her.

"She went to rehab. That didn't work so why do you think it would have worked her if she got help then? Plus, she had plenty of help," one fan wrote about Jenelle's life, revealing she did have plenty of help from her mother to care for Jace.

Would her life be different if she got Jace back?

One could argue that perhaps her life would have been different if she had gotten Jace back.

But it is also possible that Jace would be in foster care if she had still done drugs in his presence. One has to wonder if she would have made different decisions if she had a baby to care for.

What do you think about the way Jenelle Evans' life has played out after signing over the rights to Jace? Are you surprised that fans don't think that her life would have been much different?