When "Riverdale" Season 2 returns to The CW this October, viewers will finally be introduced to the man whose name was often mentioned in Season 1. Now, the sophomore installment of the series will put a face to the name, with Mark Consuelos playing the elusive Hiram Lodge, Veronica's father who is fresh out of prison. While viewers aren't sure what his true intentions in Riverdale are, one thing's for sure: it seems that prison hasn't changed him at all. In fact, previous reports indicated that some shady dealings have brought him back to his hometown and for good reason.

For one, his wife Hermione was known to have an affair with Fred Andrews, who viewers all know had been shot during last season's finale. This puts Hiram as the primary suspect of the shooting. While he obviously didn't do it as a lone wolf, it may have been one of his hired gunman who shot Fred in Pop's Diner.

Hiram Lodge is a family man

Viewers and fans of the Robert Aguirre-Sacasa-created show will finally get to know the real Hiram Lodge when "Riverdale" Season 2 premieres this October. Mark Consuelos recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly to shed light on his character, saying that he "loves his family and he’s fiercely protective" over them or anything related to the Lodge clan. Given that this is Riverdale, it seems that families do take pride in their own tribes.

But that's not all there is to Hiram.

Businessman loves power too

As an influential person, Hiram Lodge is also very manipulative. His shady dealings alone indicate that he's a power-tripper. Consuelos explained that Hiram "loves power" and that "he’s enamored with that." When "Riverdale" Season 2 premieres, viewers will get to see Hiram reunite with his wife, Hermione, as seen in EW's first look at the couple back together.

Now whether or not Fred Andrews survives his gun shot wounds is another story which fans are also looking out for. Viewers are also anticipating the reveal of Hiram's possible involvement in the crime, as well as how Hermione will deal with the repercussions of her actions following her affair with Fred. As for Veronica, it seems that she'll be more inclined to please her father and may get caught in the middle of it all, given that she's dating Fred's son, Archie. it will be one complicated web of mysteries and lies and the sophomore season has been promised to be even darker than the first.

"Riverdale" Season 2 premieres on October 11 on The CW.