Jenelle Evans is arguably one of the most hated "Teen Mom" franchise stars. She has been criticized for everything she does, and most of the complaints have some merit. Evans' first born is being raised by her mom, and Jace was the reason she was cast on "16 & Pregnant" and she lost custody of him because of her substance abuse issues. Since then, she has had two more children with two new men.

Jenelle has more children

Kaiser is Jenelle Evans' second child and his father is Nathan Griffith. He was planning to marry her and things went south after about two years together.

Just a few months after Griffith and Evans split, she met David Eason. After being together just a few months, she found out she was pregnant again. Jenelle kept denying she was expecting until it was leaked to the media. Shortly thereafter, she announced the baby would be a girl and named her Ensley Jolie Eason.

Ensley was born back in January and is roughly six weeks old. Jenelle Evans was scheduled to appear on "Teen Mom 2 Live" last week but she opted not to show up because her mother, Barbara Evans was there. Instead, she hung out in her hotel room and tweeted and commented about what was happening. Critics attacked Jenelle for leaving her little girl just weeks after she was born and flying across the country.

Not only did she leave little Ensley, but Kaiser stayed behind as well.

She is still in California

After catching a lot of criticism for leaving Ensley and flying to California, Jenelle Evans decided to fight back. She reportedly told people MTV forced her to fly in to do the show according to the Hollywood Gossip, but Chelsea Houska set the record straight on that.

She wasn't hounded to leave her young son to film and the truth of the matter is, neither was Jenelle. Instead of returning home to her daughter, Evans is still in California and has been since last weekend. She plans to stay until at least Monday when the final "Teen Mom 2 Live" will air for the season.

Fans are waiting to see whether or not Jenelle Evans will show up for her scheduled appearance. If she does, what she has to say should be interesting given the recent development that she is again at odds with her mom.