Eminem’s new album is one of the most trending topics nowadays. Fans will reportedly hear a new song he created with Pink, which will definitely become one of his hits once more. So, what should music lovers expect from Eminem's new album?

So, it is definitely not just a collaboration of Eminem with 2 Chainz and Dr. Dre again, but also a collaboration with Pink after 7 years. They both took a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with their song “Won’t Back Down” and maybe this time, it is going to be an improvement of what Eminem and Pink previously released.

Eminem will be giving interesting songs again

With the premiere of HBO’s “The Defiant Ones,” fans have seen the history of slim shady and how it was when he met Dr. Dre for the first time. With Dre and Iovine, so many big names in the music scene have been doing great when it comes to garnering fans and awards.

It is an honor to work with Dre, and now, I am past the honored stage," the "Cleaning Out My Closet rapper says. "Now it is like, we developed, it is more than a business, a friendship now.”

For Marshall Mathers, it is about doing what he loved and when he stepped into Interscope Records to meet Iovine and Dre, things started to escalate on the right road.

20 years later, he is still releasing new records and before this year ends, there is going to be more of every Eminem album collection.

But before that, the rapper is also working on merchandise for his fans. Just recently, he introduced the Camp Shady merch on his Instagram account posting a photo of a boy in a campfire playing guitar with his face photo shopped on his head. A limited release of trucker hats, bandanas, shirts, canteen bottles, and mugs are now up for grabs on Shady Shop records.

Pink’s powerful voice is perfect for Em

Nowadays, Pink is quite busy with her kids and appearances especially on the V Festival stage even though she took an awkward pause for forgetting some lyrics. Her powerful vocals still do make an impact even without the acrobats lifted above her.

Eminem and Pink are both prominent when it comes to performing on stage or even in parks, which is why we are expecting that it is going to be a huge track with so much to say and so much power from both performers.

For sure, their new song will be filled with meaningful records.

Eminem’s new album is expected to be released before 2017 ends. Fans are on the lookout for more collaborations that are going to make big news and will be topping the music charts.