Javi Marroquin was surprised when he learned that his wife, Kailyn Lowry, wanted a divorce. He was determined to work on the marriage, but she had called the relationship toxic and had emotionally ended it before she even had a chance to share the news with him. Marroquin was devastated as he was convinced that they meant to be and that they were supposed to have another baby together.

But within a few months, Marroquin was served with divorce papers and he didn't have much say in the matter. He was getting divorced whether he liked it or not. Despite him losing his wife, they have to co-parent as they share a son together, Lincoln.

Javi revealed to "Teen Mom 2" viewers that co-parenting was very difficult. It was tougher than he had expected and that they decided to seek some help.

'Marriage Boot Camp' stint

Kailyn and Javi decided to go on “marriage boot camp" after they had filed for divorce. Usually, celebrity couples go on the show in hopes of saving their marriage, but these two decided to go on the show to get some help in regards to co-parenting. When the trailers for this upcoming season started to surface, fans were confused.

Were they trying to work things out to get back together? Did he want her back even though she was pregnant with another man's child? As it turns out, these two are just learning to co-parent and be civil as they are going through a divorce.

This was filmed before Kailyn got pregnant, so the footage is rather old at this point.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin reveals that he's actually nervous every time he sees a trailer for the upcoming season. Perhaps he knows how hurtful the experience will be, as he and Kailyn were trying to go through a divorce.

The “Teen Mom 2” couple has already been very vocal about their struggles.

Kailyn has shared what she wants and she put up a wall to protect herself from Javi. Of course, many would argue that there was nothing to protect herself from as she was the one to file for divorce and she's the one who is being unreasonable. He was just trying to be civil with her. Things escalated when she filed a PSA, protection from abuse, against him as it could have ruined his entire career.

It sounds like she's not really thinking about the consequences of her actions, especially in relation to her ex-husband.

Sleeping with his friend

It will be interesting to see what these two will discuss on “Marriage Boot Camp." It is no secret that Kailyn and Javi will probably have some drama that they didn't share on “Teen Mom 2." Marroquin has revealed that Lowry had slept with his best friend, while they were in the process of divorcing. One can imagine that this was devastating for him to learn, as he now had to deal with both his ex-wife and his best friend.

This is something that Javi Marroquin can get upset about. Since she had filed the Protection From Abuse, she may have been concerned about sharing too much with him in private as she was scared of what he would do.

Learning such news about one's ex-wife and best friend may stir up some emotions that he wasn't ready to deal with.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin’s tweets about being nervous every time he sees a trailer for "Marriage Boot Camp?" Do you think this season would be more dramatic than ever?