Jenelle Evans from "Teen Mom 2" appears to be very happy with her current boyfriend, David Eason, as the two are getting married in two weeks. Evans appears to be very excited about her upcoming nuptials. Over the years, Evans hasn’t always made the best decisions in her various relationships. She dated a drug addict, a liar, and an abuser. It is clear that Jenelle doesn't have the best taste as she always goes for the bad guys. She gets plenty of attention at first and then they take advantage of her later on.

The two are set to get married later this month and fans are happy for her, as she has found someone who she hasn't argued with too much over the past couple of months.

But it sounds some people are concerned that David is too controlling. He tends to get involved in just about anything she says and fans think he tends to sway her decision-making. On "Teen Mom 2" Jenelle wanted to reach out to Nathan Griffith so he could see his son, Kaiser, but David shot down her suggestion, saying that it was his responsibility to reach out to Jenelle to see his son.

Control not serious

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now joking about David's controlling ways. Perhaps Jenelle doesn't see it the same way, but fans believe that she may be making a mistake by getting involved with someone who can influence her so easily. Evans claimed that she loves him because they balance each other out so well.

Two examples

Fans have seen two examples of how David is controlling. The first example was when Jenelle explained that she wanted to reach out to Nathan so he could see his son. David immediately shut down her suggestion, saying that she should not call him.

He added that it was Nathan's responsibility if he wanted to see his son. Here, Jenelle wanted to do something but David did not want her to do it. She eventually listened to him and never ended up making the effort.

The second example has to do with Jenelle's mother Barbara. It is no secret that the two don’t have the best relationship but whenever they talk on the phone, David gets involved.

Barbara has revealed that she is tired of constantly defending herself and defending her relationship with her own daughter because David is constantly inserting his opinion. This causes Jenelle Evans to get even more upset and they always end up fighting. It's possible that they wouldn't fight so much if David didn't constantly insert himself into their problems.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans getting married to David Eason later this month? Do you think she is marrying a controlling man and should stay away from him? Do you think it's funny that she's mocking his controlling ways on Twitter?