Farrah Abraham may not have the best reputation when it comes to her role on "Teen Mom OG." Throughout the years she's been filming the show, she has been labeled as a rude mother, who doesn't respect her family members. Her mother and father appear to try and please her, but she's constantly yelling at them. Even when Farrah decided to film an adult video for millions of dollars, her father stood by her, claiming that he was proud of everything his daughter had accomplished. Of course, getting millions for a sex tape is something that Farrah may not want to talk about.

But she would probably agree that the money has allowed her to do things she couldn't do otherwise.

This week, Farrah made headlines as she decided to go on vacation with her daughter Sophia. She shared photos of them holding passports and within a few hours, the "Teen Mom OG" star and her daughter were frolicking in the Italian sun. Farrah has posted a few pictures from their adventures. According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is spending time in the sun, getting some cooking lessons, and even bonding with her daughter, who is loving her time away from home. As Abraham pointed out in a photo, Sophia never gets too old to be carried around.

A gift for her daughter

The pictures that Farrah Abraham has shared with her fans clearly show them having fun.

Perhaps Farrah spent some time planning this vacation for her daughter. No word on whether her mother or her father is on the trip with her. Simon Saran hasn't been spotted in these photos either. Farrah is just sharing photos of herself with her daughter.

It is admirable that Farrah Abraham has managed to create a lifestyle and a career that allows her to bring her daughter to Italy.

For a young mother, it must be quite the gift to be able to travel around the world and show your daughter it. Sophia must be soaking it all in, as she gets to see places and experience things that her friends may not.

Unrealistic lifestyle

Of course, MTV and "Teen Mom OG" have both been criticized over the message that the show is sending to young girls.

While the show was meant to show the struggles of young mothers after they get pregnant in high school at 16 years old, the show is now glamorizing pregnancy. These girls get thousands of dollars every year for their role on the show, so they can afford things that normal girls in this situation would not.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham being able to show her daughter parts of the world that she may not have without "Teen Mom OG?"