Chelsea DeBoer is one of the "Teen Mom 2" stars, who choose to keep her personal life away from social media. Unlike some of her co-stars on the show, she tries to keep as much as possible to herself as she knows how harsh people can be. Chelsea knows that people will attack her about anything, including her relationship with Cole and her decision to get pregnant again. It seems like DeBoer can't do anything right, even though she has the support of her family, an education to rely on after "Teen Mom 2" and a supportive husband. DeBoer has everything she ever wanted for herself.

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer decided to share a picture of her two children with her own mother - their grandmother. Aubree and Chelsea's mother are all smiles, while Watson Cole appears to be looking somewhere else. He is clearly excited about something else other than the photographer. While fans were excited about seeing her little family, one of Chelsea's followers wrote something completely outrageous and unfounded.

Inappropriate comment

This isn't the first time that Chelsea DeBoer has received inappropriate comments, but this one involves her husband Cole. The follower reveals that it is inappropriate how Aubree sits on Cole's lap as if to suggest something is happening.

"I need to stop letting Aubree sitting on your husband lap. It's just not so cool," the follower wrote, to which one person wrote in defense of Chelsea, "Are you kidding? What is so wrong with that! It is completely innocent! I am sure if Chelsea were concerned in anyway, she would do something. Just wow. I can't believe you even said that!"

It should be noted that there has never been any reason to believe that Cole has done anything to prompt such a comment.

It sounds like this follower just wants to cause some trouble and get some attention. Chelsea did not address the comment.

Concerns for her daughter

Sadly, this is far from the first time that social media followers have crossed the line. Just last week, one person told Chelsea that she needed to watch what she gave Aubree to eat as she was getting "pudgy." That's a somewhat nice way of saying that Aubree was gaining weight.

It really does sound like some people want attention and they will do anything to get it.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer facing such harsh comments about her daughter Aubree? Do you think there should be red flags or do you think she should remove her entire family from social media?