Kailyn Lowry is currently celebrating her baby's first month alive and she's excited about being with a newborn baby again. Even though she graduated from university earlier this year, she's not exactly excited about going back to work. One can imagine she wants to spend time with her son. She has told her "Teen Mom 2" fans that she's looking for jobs this fall in hopes of joining the job market, but one can imagine she's waiting to get a job until the baby is done breastfeeding. While she's caring for the baby, Javi Marroquin is taking the children to his work and he has been keeping a low profile.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry's fans are now revealing that they hope she will work things out with Javi so they can get back together. Of course, Kailyn and Javi get along on "Teen Mom 2" and fans are wondering if they are getting back together. While Lowry has revealed they are friendly for the sake of co-parenting, fans believe that this is just a phase and the two will eventually be on the same page.

Getting along

Despite filing a protection from abuse order, Kailyn has given her ex-husband a chance to be around. The two recently spent time together at the boys' soccer games and many fans believed that they were flirting a bit. She was indeed pregnant with baby Lo, but it is possible that she's done with that chapter of her life.

"We are still all here holding our breath hoping for a happy ending for you the boys and Javi Marroquin," one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry on her Instagram account. It sounds like people are indeed hoping that they will work things out and get back together.

While marriage may not be on the table again, it sounds like they can at least get along for the children's sake.

Moving on

Of course, both of them have moved on since the divorce was finalized. While Lowry got pregnant with her third child, Javi realized he had to move on with his life before making any crazy moves in regards to dating. He couldn't date someone if he still had feelings for Lowry. That would be unfair to his new girlfriend.

He has been through some relationships since his divorce, but none of them have worked out. It is possible that the girls were using him to get famous, as he was still filming "Teen Mom 2" and is essentially a famous reality star. One can hope he can skim through the girls, so he finds someone great for him.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's fans hoping that she gets back together with Javi? Do you think this will ever happen?