The latest “General Hospital” spoilers tease that there may be another familiar face popping up in Port Charles soon, and it sounds as if this may be part of the dual-Jason saga. Tamara Braun, who used to play Carly Corinthos, is reportedly close to signing a deal to return to “GH.” What does this mean for Laura Wright, who has been playing Carly since 2005?

Braun will tackle a new 'GH' role if she returns

According to Daytime Confidential, Tamara Braun has been talking with show executives about returning to the sudser. “General Hospital” spoilers note, however, that she won't be playing Carly if she does sign a new deal.

While she played this core character from 2001 to 2005, Laura Wright isn't going anywhere.

Instead, “General Hospital” spoilers tease that Braun would take on a new character. This won't be a brief cameo as she's done on the soap before, however. Instead, Tamara would play a “new-but-pivotal role” connected to Steve Burton's return and the upcoming double Jason storyline. The deal isn't fully in place yet, so things may still change. However, it sounds as if Braun and the show are close to making it happen.

Is speculation about Burton's 'GH' return right?

Just what is the deal with this “Tale of Two Jasons” story? Viewers got confirmation that Burton is playing “Patient 6” at the end of Monday's show, and there's been a lot of speculation about where things head next. Given the earlier clues doled out, many thought he might be coming back as a recast for either Nikolas Cassadine or Morgan Corinthos.

Many fans believe that those two characters are surely going to be brought back from the dead at some point, but this Burton return is seemingly something else. One of the prevailing theories at this point is that Jason has a twin, and the groundwork was laid for this twist some time ago via Heather Webber. Is Billy Miller's Jason actually the long-lost twin, with Steve playing the original “Stone Cold” who has been kept away from Port Charles for the past few years?

If Braun does take on a role on “GH,” how does she connect with all of this?

'General Hospital' viewers are divided

Fans are seriously divided on Burton's return, with many determined to see him step back into the role of Jason again while plenty of others have come to embrace Miller in the role. “General Hospital” spoilers tease that this storyline incorporates plenty of twists and turns and will take a while to play out. The show's Twitter page hinted that just about everybody in Port Charles will be affected and they added that this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The idea of having Tamara Braun head back to Port Charles as well amps up additional speculation about what's ahead. How do you want to see this “Tale of Two Jasons” saga with Steve Burton and Billy Miller play out on “General Hospital"?