Javi Marroquin is currently on MTV every Monday night as part of "Teen Mom 2." For a while, Javi would make an effort to tweet with his fans as the episode aired. Fans loved interacting with him because it gave them a different perspective on the drama that was playing out with Kailyn. But it sounds like fans can't find him on Twitter anymore. When you search for the "Teen Mom 2" star on Twitter, nothing comes up. It appears that his profile on the social media network is no longer valid. Fans can still find Javi Marroquin on Instagram, but it appears that his active Twitter profile is missing.

Javi Marroquin hasn't said anything on Instagram about his missing Twitter profile. Perhaps he has changed his name or his handle, but a quick search for him on Twitter brings nothing up. His handle brings up nothing as well. Since he was so active on Twitter before, it doesn't appear that he would simply shut down his profile without giving a hint. Plus, he didn't seem like he needed a break from social media either, as he has posted things on Instagram.

Lost his Twitter?

It is possible that Javi Marroquin has lost his Twitter thanks to a hacker. Perhaps someone cracked his password and decided to delete much of his social media activity. There should be no reason for someone to delete his Twitter account, as he hasn't been involved in much drama.

Sometimes, hackers will delete social media profiles to shut someone up from making comments or accusations, but Marroquin said he was done with the drama.

He would often post things about working out, hanging out with his son, and making plans with his friends. While it is possible that he has lost his Twitter account, it is also possible that he simply grew tired of the attention and the comments he was getting on social media.

The "Teen Mom 2" viewers can be very vocal about what they see on the show. He has received quite a few negative comments over the past year.

Distancing himself from the drama

Just this weekend, Javi Marroquin made headlines as he hung out with Briana DeJesus, the newest cast member of "Teen Mom 2." He has talked about how he is open to dating Briana, even though she just gave birth to her second daughter, Stella.

She may be working on her relationship with Luis, the man who fathered the baby. However, Javi doesn't seem to mind. Perhaps he deleted his Twitter because he didn't want to hear about the rude comments that people were sharing.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin now missing from Twitter?