"General Hospital" fans are anxious to see Kirsten Storms return as Maxie and are dying for spoilers regarding what comes next for her. Maxie and Nathan, played by Ryan Paevey, had barely wrapped up their honeymoon when Maxie took a job out of town. This sudden departure came because the actress needed to take some time away from work to handle some personal issues, but Maxie is returning to Port Charles soon and "GH" spoilers hint that big things are on the way.

Maxie returns to Port Charles soon

Soap Hub details that Ryan Paevey and Kirsten Storms recently did a Facebook Live Q&A where they tackled questions from their "GH" fans.

Everybody will see Storms back on "General Hospital" as Maxie again during the week of July 24 and it sounds as if Maxie will have a lot to deal with as she tries to reclaim her life.

Storms shared that she has filmed some scenes with on-screen parents Felicia and Mac, played by Kristina Wagner and John J. York, and she mentioned that there will be some park scenes involving the three together that fans will enjoy. Soaps In Depth adds that Kirsten explained that she has mostly worked with Ryan since her return to the "General Hospital" set and it's been both fun and good.

Will Maxie and Nathan's marriage survive?

Do “Naxie” fans have to worry about Nathan and Maxie splitting up, especially with Amy in the mix of things?

Paevey shared that the plan is for the couple to stay together, pointing out that they are still newlyweds despite the pause that was put on their relationship. There will obviously be some tense moments as Maxie finds out about all of the time Nathan has been spending with Amy, but "General Hospital" spoilers tease that there are good things on the way.

"GH" fans have been supportive of Storms during these difficult months she has faced with her health, but everybody is anxious to see her return. What comes next for Kirsten Storms' Maxie and Ryan Paevey's Nathan once they reunite? Is Amy going to be a serious threat to their relationship or will they soon be able to pick up where they left off?

There will be additional "General Hospital" spoilers emerging leading up to Kirsten Storms' return to Port Charles during the week of July 24 and everybody will be curious to see what comes next. What do you want to see happen between Maxie and Nathan once they are together again? Should the "GH" writers keep them happy after their reunion or is it more interesting to have them face more conflict?