"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Patient six, aka Steve Burton, will escape from the Russian clinic with a little help from Ava Jerome. She has sort of befriended this guy ever since she saw him sitting in his wheelchair in a catatonic state. She soon discovered that he was indeed very much aware of what was going on around him. Now the big escape is about to happen and the man in the mask, who is about to take it off, will be headed back to Port Charles.

Ava has a change of heart

Ava Jerome has been going back and forth on whether she should follow her heart and help patient six or revert back to her old self by choosing to get her face back to normal.

It is obvious that Dr. Griffin Munro has played a big part in getting her to try to do good. Now she has a chance to help this unknown man who is in deep trouble at the clinic.

Ava ratted him out by giving the doctor the phone number that patient six had written down for her to call. Instead, the doctor dialed the number and Sonny Corinthos answered. This gives the indication that Steve Burton has come back to "General Hospital" as the real Jason Morgan. However, Ava Jerome has no idea right now what connection this person has to anyone in Port Charles, possibly to her baby's daddy.

Who will save them both?

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Griffin Munro will head to Russia to save Ava. It looks like a future romance between these two will eventually happen, and a rescue could be just the thing to get that fire started. What about patient six? He does escape the walls of the clinic, and it is indicated that he will actually meet someone on the outside who will offer to help him.

Who could that be? Could it be Griffin as well?

Patient six heads back home

Fans will want to keep watching as Steve Burton will be riding back to his old stomping ground very soon. He has been through the ringer at that clinic by being drugged and held against his will, but he will be free and trying to get his life back. While it has not been confirmed that he is the real Jason just yet, it sure seems that way.

It was recently revealed that Jason had a twin brother named Drew who had supposedly died, according to Betsy Franco. However, it looks like she has lied to her son about the whole thing and Drew will be revealed as either Steve Burton or Billy Miller's character. It is a tangled web of lies, and it is about to explode very soon.

What about Ava?

Does patient six just leave Ava in the clinic to fend for herself? That is very doubtful. If this is indeed Jason Morgan, he would definitely not leave her there to perish. Either Griffin will beat him to it, or they will possibly work together to save her from those madmen.

Who do you think will save Ava Jerome? Will she actually turn good for Griffin? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to see what happens next.