Today is the day Steve Burton officially returns to "General Hospital" and it will be interesting to see how this story line goes in the next few months. There seems to be other stories that will be tying into his return and fans will see it all play out soon enough. Take a look at what is happening on Tuesday, September 19.

What has Charlotte so frantic?

Poor Charlotte has been caught in between Valentin and Lulu for months now. She is currently living with her mother, but Valentin is determined to get full custody back. He tells Nina that he intends to do just that.

At the Falconeri household, Charlotte runs to Dante and Lulu to tell them that she needs to get hold of her papa. What has her so worked up?

Franco goes missing from his art show

Franco has left the building, and so has Betsy! The spotlight is on Franco at his art show, but Liz wonders where he is after Felix questioned her about her guy. Franco had planned to meet with his adoptive mother, Betsy, in her hotel room to get the truth about why Jason Morgan is in that photo. Unfortunately, his mother had left before he got there. She is obviously scared about letting her son in on the truth about the little boy in the picture. Franco.will be furious that she left him high and dry without answers.

Scott followed Franco to the hotel room and in the "General Hospital" previews for Tuesday, he will not hold back on what he thinks of that boy in the snapshot. He will swear that the child is not Jason Morgan. Is he right?

Goodbye to Jason

Sam has made a decision to ship Jason off to a care home. Sonny had a warm chat with her on yesterday's episode on the impact it would have to care for Jason at home like she wanted to.

Carly will become emotional saying goodbye telling her BFF that he is never leaving them again. She expects him to recover soon. After having to say goodbye to his friend, Sonny may just have second thoughts about sending him away.

Trouble for Ava?

Curiosity may just get the best of Ava Jerome as her interest in patient six may become dangerous.

She will continue to babble to the masked man sitting in that room. Ava is still a bit freaked, even though she has met the doctor who is performing her reconstructive surgery. She wonders out loud to patient six why there are so many secrets in that place.

As seen in a "General Hospital" preview, that person in the mask at the Russian clinic is indeed Steve Burton. This will be his first reappearance on the ABC soap and it is supposed to be epic. It will most likely just be his eyes that will appear after he removes the dark glasses, but he will be riding back into Port Charles very soon. What a shock that will be to most of PC.

Will Franco ever find out the truth about the boy in his photo? Will Jason ever wake up from his coma? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to see if these questions get answered soon.