Steve Burton has finally returned to "General Hospital," but it may take nine long months to put the pieces together on exactly who he really is and where he has been all this time. The current storylines have been slowly building up to the big reveal and just recently statements have been made that something is just different about the current Jason Morgan. Is this proof as to who Burton really is?

A different life for Sam

Sam Morgan is struggling right now with the love of her life in a coma after being shot by one of Sonny's enemies. She has made the decision to cart him off to a care home hoping that he will wake up to get back to their life together with their two kids.

Even though Sam is thrilled that Jason came back to her, she knows that it is just not the same as it used to be.

In the "General Hospital" previews for Thursday, Sam tells Sonny that life has been different ever since Jason came back home. That statement says a lot. This Jason had no recollection of who he was when he came to Port Charles. He eventually got some of his memories back, but life has been much different than it was before he 'died.' Is this all leading up to Steve Burton being the real Jason?

Carly's BFF is not the same

Carly Corinthos finally admitted out loud that she never got the same connection back that she had with Jason before the shooting.

The two BFFs always had each other's backs and she always seemed to know what he was thinking and what he would do. Now she told Sonny that their friendship is very different now. The two people that Jason Morgan was the closest to have noticed the difference, but that could always be because he had lost his memories and the shooting messed him up in that way.

Is this proof that this is not really Jason?

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Steve Burton will escape the clinic in Russia and will head back to Port Charles very soon.

His face will be familiar and it is said that he will be connected to many people, but they will not know him with the old Jason's face. This would make it seem that we are not talking about the real Jason here, but it could tie in with having Nikolas Cassadine back with Jason's face.

That would be really weird, but stranger things have happened on "General Hospital" before. It may be leaning towards Burton being Nik, but some fans are hoping that it is actually the real Jason Morgan coming back to claim his family. The statements from both Sam and Carly make it seem so, but the spoilers may say something different.

Executive producer, Frank Valentini, had previously mentioned that no one has yet to figure out this puzzle. If that is true, Steve Burton is not Jason after all. How do you think this will all play out? Is he the real Jason, Nikolas, or someone else that hasn't been thought of?