On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital," Ava Jerome was in the Baronski clinic in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She found a man named patient number 6 who was wearing a mask and seated in a chair. She was told he was from a wealthy family and had been shot and fell into the water. He is said to be very violent and Ava was warned not to get too close to him. Loyal viewers are now wondering if this mystery man will turn out to be Jason Morgan or Nicholas Cassadine?

The identity of the masked man will change everything in Port Charles

"General Hospital" has a lot of irons in the fire right now, and there are many directions this storyline could go in.

First of all, there is Billy Miller who is currently playing Jason Morgan, but was shot and is in a coma. His fae has not been seen since he was admitted to the hospital. This could imply that when he recovers, viewers will find that Steve Burton emerges from the bed instead of Miller. The problem with that logic is that spoiler alerts have already indicated that Burton will return as a totally new character. And that Franco will be the first to have an encounter with him.

This decreases the possibility that Jason is the masked man that Ava encountered. And brings up the fact that Ms. Jerome and Nicholas were getting close before Valentine shot him. It would make perfect sense that she has now encountered the prince alive, although not so well in Russia.

The details about patient number 6 being shot and falling into water, however, could describe what happened to both Mr. Cassadine and Jason. So it brings us back to square one regarding the identity of the man behind the mask.

Ava is going to find out the truth about the masked man no matter what

Ava was told not to get close to patient number 6 because he could be violent.

It's in her nature, however, to be inquisitive so she is not going to heed the warnings. One way or another Ava Jerome will get the answers she is seeking. "General Hospital" fans will have to try to piece this puzzle together as they go along because nothing is as it seems. On Friday Franco's adopted mother Betsy Frank came to his art exhibit.

He showed her the photo of the two little boys and asked her to explain. Betsy said that her son deserved answers and it was time that he got them.

Meanwhile, Jason was showing no change in his condition, so Monica and Alexis suggested to Sam that she put him in a long-term care facility. Sam was distraught at this idea and said she would care for her husband at home. At the end of the episode, however, viewers could see Jason's fingers moving, and previews for Monday have Sam announcing that her husband is awake. None of this seems to give any clue to the identity of the masked man, but over time the dots surely will connect so stay tuned.