On "General Hospital" both Sam and Carly are commenting that Jason seems different. Their statements may be hinting that Billy Miller is not the real Jason Morgan, or it could be a ruse to keep viewers interested until Steve Burton's character comes to Port Charles.

Sam and Carly are expressing doubts

On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Dr. Andre Maddox was talking to Sam regarding her after care. He suggested she find someone professional to talk to regarding her hallucinations. Mrs. Morgan responded that she did need to talk to someone because her husband had not been the same since his return to Port Charles.

On Thursday, she told Jason that she did not understand why she could not bring herself to confide in him when she first began having problems.

After finding out that Sam shot Sonny, Carly questions Jason as to why he did not tell her in the beginning. She reminds him that they have been best friends for 20 years and had always shared everything with each other. His response is that things have changed. These conversations may have been inserted to tease the viewers, and peak interest in the coming storyline when Steve Burton is back on the show. On the other hand, viewers may be getting hints that Billy Miller is not the real Jason Morgan.

The return of Steve Burton

"General Hospital" viewers have been awaiting details regarding the return of Steve Burton to the show.

Neither Burton nor the "GH" powers that be will spill the beans regarding the character he will portray. All that is known is that he will be back in Port Charles, and his back story will evolve over a nine-month period of time. Fans are divided as to whether they want to see Sam with the original Jason, or the one she has recently been living and bonding with.

If Steve Burton turns out to be a different person and continues to remain that individual, then both he and Billy Miller will be in Port Charles. The fact that no one is saying who Burton will portray is increasing curiosity and building momentum for his return. In addition to the comments made by Sam, Carly, and Jason this past week, there is one more curious statement to consider.

Little Jake remembers Helena Cassadine saying to him, "Never remember, never tell." Was this in relation to the Chimera Project, or could it possibly be regarding the identity of the real Jason? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" week day afternoons at 2:00 p.m. to find out how this mystery will be solved.