One of the biggest names to go from social media to mainstream news over the last two years has been right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren. Despite this, Lahren was fooled into taking a selfie video with an apparent "fan," who ended up trolling the recently hired Fox News contributor.

Lahren fooled

Donald Trump announced he was running for president back in the summer of 2015, and became the first presidential candidate to use social media to his advantage. While the former host of "The Apprentice" became, and has remained highly controversial in the two years that have followed, he was able to take advantage of the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Along with Trump's rise in popularity on the political right, many social media stars also increased their own brand, with many doing so by supporting the billionaire real estate mogul. One name that has received national attention is 25-year-old Tomi Lahren. A former member of the Blaze TV, Lahren split from the network run by Glenn Beck after making liberal comments about her personal views on abortion. In the aftermath, Lahren was picked up by Fox News over the summer, and is now a network contributor, which includes her "Final Thoughts" segment. With an increase in notoriety, Lahren is also open to criticism, which took place during a prank involving an unidentified "fan," as reported by Raw Story on September 15.

In a video first reported by the Daily Mail, Instagram user Charlamagne Thagod uploaded a clip of an unidentified man taking a selfie video with Tomi Lahren. Lahren is shown wearing a cowboy hat and a low-cut black top as she leans in closer to the man while cracking a smile.

However, the once innocent encounter between celebrity and fan quickly turned into nothing more than a joke as the man asked the Fox News contributor a question that she wasn't prepared for.

"Hey Tomi, how does it feel to be a racist piece of sh*t?" the man asks.

Tomi Lahren handled the awkward as best she could, smiling the entire time before walking off. "Oh, yup," the man said as the video came to a close.

Tomi responds

In a statement, Tomi Lahren took the high road. "I will always treat people with respect," Lahren said, before adding, "I was asked for a photo from a 'fan' and it's a shame he decided to act like a jerk." This isn't the first time that critics have accused Lahren of being a "racist," as her support of Donald Trump and increased attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement have made her a prime target of those on the political left.