On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" there was tension when Monica Quartermaine tore into Sonny Corinthos because Jason is hospitalized. She pointed out that he may be the reason she ends up losing both of her sons. In truth, Sonny is also the reason that Monica's grandson Michael has been estranged from that side of the family.

Monica never did anything to deserve all the pain

Decades ago, Monica's son A.J. slept with Carly and impregnated her with a son. She gave birth and named the boy Michael Corinthos Jr. then later allowed Sonny to officially adopt him.

Carly did everything she could to keep this child away from his biological father. For this reason, Monica and the Quartermaines did not have an active hand in raising young Michael. Around this same time, a drunken A.J. wrecked his car and injured his brother Jason. After emerging from a coma, Jason had issues and changed his last name to Morgan which is the maiden name of his grandmother, Lila.

From that point, Mr. Morgan began working as a mob enforcer for Sonny so Monica was now estranged from both a son and grandson. Years later just when A.J. and Michael were bonding, Ava Jerome tricked Sonny into shooting him and A.J. died. So basically, Sonny Corinthos is responsible for Mrs. Quartermanines being without two sons and a grandson.

After the death of his biological father, Michael changed his name to Quartermaine and would have nothing to do with his mother or the man who raised him. He began working at ELQ and made amends with his grandmother and aunt Tracy. Monica has been an innocent bystander to the Sonny and Carly show. She deserved none of this pain.

Jason's coma brings back bitter memories for Monica

Jason being in a coma has brought back a lot of unpleasant memories for his mother. This is why Monica lashed out at Sonny.His decisions have cost her 3 men in her family. Because Jason chose to be a mob enforcer, his children are not that close to their grandmother. From time to time, Sam or Elizabeth will mention that Jake or Danny is with Monica but you never actually see them interacting with her at the Quartermaine mansion.

Now, "General Hospital" is bringing back Steve Burton which will only add the drama that Monica is dealing with. As a doctor, she is well aware that her son's prognosis is not good. On Friday she tried to convince Sam to have Jason moved to a long-term care facility. At that time, Sonny was inquiring about the health of his best friend. And this is when Monica jumped him about the pain he has caused her. She did add that she knew her son made a choice to work for the Corinthos organization, and Sonny was no totally to blame. Even so, this is a lot of pain and loss for one woman to deal with. Steve Burton's character returns Tuesday, and this will be one more thing for Monica to deal with.