"Big Brother 19" is coming to an end in just a few days. As the focus is on the final two and who to vote for as America's Favorite Player, there are still questions surrounding Cody. And he just keeps adding fuel to the flames.

There are thousands of fans that would love to have the opportunity to play "Big Brother." To even be given the opportunity to enter the house and call it home for the summer would be a huge accomplishment. That is what makes it so frustrating when a houseguest doesn't appreciate the chance they have been given.

This summer fans of "Big Brother 19" met ex-Marine Cody Nickson.

First impressions went well for fans as the handsome, athletic houseguest won the first Head of Household competition By the end of that week, however, Cody's reputation was already shot in the game. Most would like to believe it was because of the record number of players he had to nominate to end up with two on the block to face eviction. Truthfully, it was his attitude. He was arrogant, treated others like they were mere stepping stones, and had terrible social skills with everyone other than the one he wanted a showmance with.

Wanted to be a puppet master but failed

Cody wanted to play the "Big Brother" game Paul implemented. He wanted to have underlings doing what he said without questioning.

He expected them to stand behind him as he went rogue and did what he wanted rather than what the team agreed upon. He didn't have the finesse to pull off the gameplay that Paul was successful at. Even without comparing his horrible gameplay to that of the puppet master, Cody simply had no game.

When Cody was evicted and had to battle back into the "Big Brother 19" house, he had said that if he won he would implement a different strategy, possibly even teaming up with his biggest adversary Paul.

Well, as "Big Brother 19" fans will recall, once back in the house, Cody again isolated himself with Jessica. His game suffered and so did hers. She had made progress in repairing relationships and all of that was quickly gone.

Couldn't pull off the game his ego wanted to play

America likes to root for the underdog and lots of sympathies went out to Jody.

Suddenly the ex-Marine and Jessica were victims. The pots and pans, the arguments, the near physical altercations and Jody fans screaming victim. Get real, America. Cody got the treatment that comes with the game he played. He wanted to play as a brute that ran over everyone and that is the game that got turned around on him to send him out for a second and final time.

Cody Nickson is arguably the worst houseguest to have ever entered the "Big Brother" house. He failed. Miserably. And more than once. And now, that lousy attitude is in the jury house and he walks away rather than discussing the game as the jury members always do before the finale. It will be interesting to see what Dr. Will Kirby has to say about the over-inflated ego of Cody Nickson.