As soon as the season 7 finale aired, a lot of new "Game of Thrones" theories washed all over the web. Today we're going to focus on a brand new theory about the Night King's invasion of the Seven Kingdoms, which is likely to be one of the best theories emerged so far after the season finale.

How the Night King could attack everywhere in Westeros

Reddit user Cake_Flattener1 noted that the Night King destroyed a portion of the Wall, he can easily and quickly cause large devastation across all the Seven Kingdoms. How? Well, remember the Night King's mass resurrection in Hardhome?

The leader of the White Walkers "can now fly anywhere in Westeros relatively quickly. And he can raise the dead", wrote the Redditor, adding that "due to the recent wars ravaging Westeros there are plenty of corpses lying about or in mass graves." Just think of how many men he can raise from the dead where the Battle of the Bastard was fought...

The best part of this theory is, no one is safe

Cake_Flattener1 also noted that the Night King may fly and resurrect corpses almost everywhere in Westeros. Which means that Cersei may not be able to "quietly rebuild her power". If the Night King decides to take off on a grand tour riding Viserion, every person from Sunspear to Winterfell may be in danger.

"The entire continent [may] be facing a zombie apocalypse overnight".

The problem with this theory

We know that dragonglass and Valyrian steel weaponry can kill the White Walkers. Flying across the whole continent can be dangerous for the Night King. A scorpion with a dragonglass or Valyrian steel's arrows can be used to kill undead Viserion or even the NK himself (although he's totally not going to be defeated that way).

So, even if the Seven Kingdoms are not prepared to face him, maybe the leader of the White Walkers would prefer to slowly conquer the continent escorting his huge army. By staying close to his countless dead soldiers, he could use Viserion devastating power against whoever tries to attack his legion.

Our opinion

In our opinion, such a bold move by the Night King would be spectacular, but we still don't know if he wants something in particular (besides killing and conquering).

To be honest, we don't know much about him at all. Therefore is very hard to say if what speculated by the Redditor may actually come true.

Nonetheless, we can't deny this dark, apocalyptic theory about "Game of Thrones" season 8 is quite fascinating!