Eren Yeager is back. The 97th chapter of the “Shingeki No Kyojin” / “Attack on Titan” manga series revealed that Eren has been with the Marleyans all this time. Also revealed was several untold stories, including Annie’s espionage of Kenny Ackerman, Reiner’s post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the puppeteers of the entire war – the Teiber Clan. Although the crippled soldier had appearances for a number of times throughout the Marleyan arc, this chapter finally confirmed that he’s none other than Eren Yeager – the current holder of both the Attack and Founding Titans.

Eren a.k.a Mr. Kruger

Now assuming the name as Mr. Kruger (paying homage to the original Attack Titan Eren Kruger), Eren had a conversation with Armored Titan candidate Falco about the war and how it tore everyone apart, Marleyans or Eldians. He seemed to like Falco’s character, and that he felt glad he won’t get the Armored Titan because he deserves to live long. On the other hand, Eren also realized that he wanted to acquire the power of the Armored Titan to protect his rival Gabi.

Annie’s espionage

After successfully infiltrating the Wall by joining the Training Corps, Annie Leonhart was given the task to follow Kenny Ackerman so they can track the whereabouts of the true King of the wall.

Unfortunately, Kenny proved too wise for her as he was able to read Annie’s motive. The Warrior managed to escape the man called as the Reaper, but the failure of Annie’s espionage mission was a big blow to their main objective of retrieving the Founding Titan.

Reiner’s struggle

To hasten their mission, Reiner came up with a plan to destroy Wall Rose and attack the King in the capital while chaos ensued in Trost District.

Annie taught him out of that idea since it would kill many of their ‘new friends.’ Annie was also disgusted with Reiner who said gaining the trust of trainees was part of the show.

Back to the current timeline, Reiner appeared to be struggling with some sort of PTSD from all the memories he had during his mission in Paradi Island.

He attempted to commit a suicide but backed off after hearing Falco’s despair about not getting the Armored Titan. Reiner realized that there’s still a job for him to do.

The main culprit

Magath was considering drafting Marleyan as he believed it’s the only way to slow down the war. For years, Marley expanded its territories by waging war with neighborhood countries. Ordinary Marleyans do not feel the weight of the war since the Eldians and the Titans do the most fighting. However, with the Age of the Titans coming to an end, Marley has become more vulnerable than ever. The Marley official also expressed discontent to the Teiber Clan, which happens to be the puppeteer of the Marley. Billy, the leader of Teiber Clan and current holder of the Warhammer Titan, laid out his plan to solve the current dilemma.

“Shingeki no Kyojin” chapter 97 will be released along with other manga series in the October edition of the Bessatsu Monthly Shonen set for release on September 8.