It has to be handed to R&B diva Beyoncé, that when she poses for pictures she creates works of art.

This was only reinforced further by photographs taken during her celebrated pregnancy of twins with her husband Jay-Z, a period of intense excitement bordering on obsession from the part of the Beyhive fan base. The eagerness of the couple’s supporters only reached fever pitch when the births were announced last June 18 (actual date 13), if slightly dampened by the news blackout regarding the babies’ names and gender. Beyoncé fans wouldn’t learn anything new until June 30, that their Queen’s twins were a boy and a girl, named Sir and Rumi (Carter) respectively.

And then there was another wait of two weeks before their faces were finally shown off on social media.

Artistic presentation

To anybody who is keeping count, Thursday, July 13 marks the day when Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, twins of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, turn one month old. Their mother has decided that it would be the perfect time to show them to the world, and she did on her Instagram page on the early hours of Friday, July 14, where she first showed off her proud baby bump last February. Her twin presentation was no less glamorous, playing up the Madonna image full to the hilt.

Garbed in loose fabric and a blue veil upon her hair, Beyoncé walks through a grassy path with low hedgerows on either side, her arms gently cradling Sir and Rumi close to her chest.

Both Sir and Rumi look so peaceful and tranquil in her arms that one cannot help but wonder how their lives will be like as they grow older. Not that both their names, unique as they are, have been registered by their parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z – real name Shawn Carter – with none other than the US Patent and Trademark Office.

No other babies will be able to use those names anytime soon.

Internet explodes again

As if the heading was not enough of a hint, there was a mad scramble in social media in the wee hours of this last working day of the week, as the Beyhive try to throw in their own congratulations to Beyoncé, Jay-Z and their eldest daughter Blu Ivy for the latest additions to their family.

Celebrities that went on to have their say over the mother-and-children photo include singer-actress Zendaya of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” fame.

As for what Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been up to in real life, the latest in-person sighting of the music industry's power couple has been in Malibu Thursday, July 13, where they had gone out to dinner.