Fergie and Josh Duhamel are calling it quits after eight years of marriage. On Thursday, the former couple issued an official statement to Entertainment Tonight confirming their separation. Despite the split, both shared that they still love and respect each other. However, for the meantime, the former couple plans to give their family the time to adjust to the situation.

Their statement continued by saying, "We wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public." Both added that they will still support each other in order to sustain their family.

It was also confirmed that the couple officially split in February, a few months after they celebrated their eighth anniversary.

Trying to make it work

Following the statement released by the couple, a source told Entertainment Tonight that they were both saddened and surprised about the separation. It was also revealed that Fergie and Duhamel have tried a lot of times in order to make their marriage work.

Despite their busy schedules, the former couple reportedly did their best to make time for each other and to revive their relationship. However, it seemed that things didn't go well for the couple which made them decide to call it quits. The source continued that amid the situation, Axl, their son, has always been on the mind of the former couple.

Nice and good people

Fergie and Duhamel were both known as good and nice people to their circle of friends. A source close to the couple also revealed that both usually were a dynamic pair.

To recall, Duhamel spent Father's Day apart from his family but he couldn't help but gush to ET about the sweet surprise that his wife made. He revealed that he got a cake from his wife. Undoubtedly, both used to love each other. This made most of their followers surprised about their separation announcement.

Back in May, Duhamel also shared some details of his marriage.

According to People, the actor was very proud to share that both of them loved their son a lot. Most of the time, the former couple was seen spending lots of times together. Most of their travel photos were shared on their Instagram page. Perhaps, it would be hard for their followers to believe that their sweet relationship is coming to an end.

Amid their decision to split earlier this year, both parties agreed to remain united for the sake of their family. Perhaps, the former couple wanted to keep the issue private so they would also have time to heal and move forward.