How does Fergie do it? At 41, the frontwoman for The Black Eyed Peas is hotter and trimmer than ever. The "Fergalicious" rapper was snapped on the beach recently sporting an itty-bitty string bikini. And even in motherhood and attachment parenting, Stephanie Ferguson manages to maintain her pregnancy weight loss. She shared the secret, and it might make you rethink diet and exercise.

Fergie rocks and rolls with the punches

Fergie Duhamel looked hot but also very happy on the Maui beach, just days after ringing in the New Year at Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve.

That event was overshadowed by Mariah Carey and the epic lip sync fail. Clearly, Carey's not yet learned to roll with the punches as well as Fergie. "The Duchess" singer put on a lot of weight with the birth of her son Axl. A shoulder injury from onstage dancing and gymnastics made her usual workout routine impossible. But that didn't stop her toting the baby or keeping fit. She also nixed high heels for baby's safety.

Surprise ways Fergie lost pregnancy weight

The hip-hop chart-topper was in no big hurry to shed the baby weight gain. The injury slowed her down but also gave her a desire to focus on her son rather than micromanage the scale. When she got around to it, some former exercises were off limits.

So she switched to yoga and meditation. These were more therapeutic than the hardcore workouts. Other celebrity weight loss stories include yoga too. Fergie also does belly dancing to keep in shape, a habit begun during pregnancy. Apparently little Axl really liked the massage he got in mom's gyrating tummy. Breastfeeding helped, too.

Pro-active pays it forward for Fergie

Fergie has a super generous side. Along with running a home-based business with husband Josh Duhamel, so she could stay home with her son, Fergie finds time for non-profits. A charity, Dress for Success, provides professional work clothing to disadvantaged women. Her "Giving Shoe-Day" repurposes dress shoes to help struggling women get a "foot in the door" and land that new job. Maybe kindness is the reason for Fergie's sunny beach smiles.