It is a sad news for the Black Eyed Peas fans as Fergie is leaving the group behind. It is already confirmed that she will be out from the hip-hop group in order to deal with her own solo album.

Black Eyed Peas front man,, has confirmed the news. He added that Fergie will always be part of their family. Further, he also emphasized that as Fergie focuses on her own album, they will always show her their full support.

The news started to surface online when had his interview with Ahlan! Magazine. To recall, the hip-hop group was first known as the Atban Klann before they re-brand themselves as Black Eyed Peas.

The group had released two acclaimed projects and later on, they welcomed Fergie into the trio. She was then a member of a girl group known as Wild Orchid in 2002.

'No one will take her place'

In one of his latest interviews, the hip-hop group front man has emphasized that no one will ever replace Fergie from the group. Despite the fact that she now focuses on her solo project, the BEP is still proud to announce that they are supporting Fergie in all aspects. In fact, she will be working with bandmates Taboo and, who are also contributors to her newest album.

For the meantime, Also revealed that the pop group is currently working on their new project "Masters of the Sun." To recall, this is an original graphic novel which is distributed by the Marvel Comics.

Some reports also claim that the Pussycat Doll member, Nicole Scherzinger, will replace Fergie for the meantime. On the other hand, added that she won't replace her, but they will be working with her.

Charity concert

When asked about the latest gig of Black Eyed Peas, revealed that the hip-hop group will be joining Ariana Grande for the charity concert at Manchester on June 4.

The show is known to follow the explosion during Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena.

Meanwhile, the Black Eyed Peas will also be joined by other high-profile personalities and musicians. Grande made sure to work with the best artists as she promised to make up with all her fans after the attack. Some performers will also include Coldplay, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and a lot more.

Meanwhile, with Fergie's news of leaving BEP, it is known that she had already announced that she would enter into a partnership with BMG and will launch her own Dutchess Music imprint. She always considers it an opportunity for her to release her album. She also looks forward to developing and nurture new artists as she goes solo this time.