Fergie and Josh Duhamel are Headed for splitsville. The singer and the actor announced today that after 8 years of marriage, they are separating. While the news left their fans reeling, it’s quickly going to become tabloid fodder as the Couple is just one of the many Hollywood pairs, who have called it quits this year.

Their love story

The couple began dating in 2004 when both were at the height of their careers. Fergie was having a successful musical career with The Black Eyed Peas, while Duhamel was starring on the hit TV show, Las Vegas. It was a guest appearance on Duhamel’s show that brought the couple together.

Following Fergie’s appearance on the show, she and Duhamel would often be photographed together out on dates. The pair became one of Hollywood’s hottest new couples with everyone wanting to know more about them. As their romance blossomed, so did their careers. Duhamel made the transition from television to movies by starring in the blockbuster action movie Transformers. Fergie, meanwhile, branched out into a solo career when she released her debut album.

In December of 2007, after nearly three years of dating, Duhamel proposed to Fergie. A little over a year later, the couple tied the knot. Shortly after their wedding, the couple hit a rough patch when rumors surfaced that Duhamel had cheated.

The couple denied the allegations, but they were still a source of tabloid speculation.

Whether there was any trouble in paradise or not, the couple moved forward with their lives. They continued to maintain thriving careers, and in August 2013 they became parents to a son named Axl Jack. With a new baby, it appeared everything was going well for the happy couple.

Their separation

Fergie and Josh’s separation is just one of the many Hollywood break ups seen this year. Most recently, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced they too were divorcing. Like the other celebrity splits, there’s speculation on what caused the separation and what’s next for Fergie and Josh.

No reason has been given for the split, but there appears to be no ill will with the couple.

They stated that they still care for each other and their main goal is to be good parents to their son. With a strong commitment, the couple will make sure things go amicably in their separation.

As for reconciliation, that remains to be seen. Many celeb couples have reunited after a brief separation. Whether or not that happens for Fergie and Josh remains unanswered, but the couple will have the support of their fans during this difficult time.