Leah Messer hasn't always had the most positive outlook on life. When she learned that her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, wanted a divorce she realized she had hit a low point. She was depressed, anxious and Jeremy told her that she was not the same person he had married. When Leah was filming "Teen Mom 2," she would slur her words and fall asleep in front of the cameras to the point where people thought she had a drug problem. Messer realized she needed help, as she was mixing prescription drugs. She went and got professional help, and she returned with a positive attitude.

Messer was ready to make the world her playground and be a role model for her kids.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is sharing yet another inspirational quote with her fans. Over the past couple of months, Leah has been posting all kinds of inspirational messages about moving forward, not dwelling on the past, and about being a strong person. All of these quotes appear to be about things that affect Leah personally or things she wishes she could strive to be.

Too much inspiration

While Leah Messer may love her Inspirational quotes, it sounds like fans are getting a bit tired of them. She does post these quotes rather often and she doesn't provide much more content than that. On occasion, she will post more than one inspirational quote per day, which is too much for some people.

"These cheesy bullshit quotes are really starting to annoy me, all ya'll are gonna keep doing the same shit but ya post this shit anyway lol" one follower wrote to Leah Messer as she posted yet another quote about positivity, moving forward, and not giving up when things get tough.

Of course, Leah sees her posts as something great and wonderful, as she's able to relate to many of the things she's posting.

Even some of her fans will tell her that her posts are needed.

Uses them to drive forward in her life?

Maybe Leah Messer uses some of these posts to move forward in her life. Perhaps Leah uses them to stay on track, as she's continuously working on herself. Messer may be determined to be the best role model she can be, but it may be hard for her to stay positive all the time.

When she's had a bad day, she could go home and post some quotes to feel better. While it may work for her, her fans are growing tired of it.

What do you think about Leah Messer's inspirational posts? Do you think they are too much as she shares them rather often, or do you think they help her stay on track?