Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” snatched Drake’s Spotify crown. “One Dance" held the title of the most streamed song on the platform for about 11 months, but, according to Hollywood Reporter, Sheeran's song has more than 1,318,420,396 streams, while the latter has about 1,317,143,742 plays.

Drake Vs. Ed Sheeran

Despite his alliance with the rival streaming device Apple Music, Drake’s “One Dance” had managed to occupy the all-time streaming list on Spotify, back on October 18, 2016, which later became the first song ever to reach one billion hits. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” has not only shattered the long lasting record of the Canadian rapper with 1.32 billion streams but is also crawling steadily towards a higher number of plays every day and is not going to be replaced anytime soon.

'Shape of You' hits the billion streaming club

Considering the numbers, it is hard to believe that the British songwriter has released his single only in January 2017. It was the first song, released from his blockbuster album, “Divide.” According to Forbes, "Shape of You" still managed to survive in the top 10 songs on the Hot 100 in America till last month and thus it also broke the record, for staying in the list for maximum weeks, with 33. “Shape of You” is one of the four popular songs that have managed to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify. Apart from Drake’s “One Dance”, the other two songs in the list are “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and “Lean On” by the Major Lazer.

Ed Sheeran is currently the second most streamed artist across the world

Sheeran’s previous hit song, “Thinking Out Loud” is also the sixth most streamed tracks on Spotify. In fact, he is also the second most streamed artists with about 40,095,920 monthly listeners, ranking after Drake. As per Spotify, the usurper has 850 monthly listeners from Mexico City, followed by Santiago and Chile with 748 million listeners and Brazil with 644 million listeners, which has helped the artist to break the records so fast.

On Friday, the lyric video for the fourth single, “Perfect” from his chart-topping album “Divide” was dropped. Within the first week of its release, “Perfect” crawled to Number 4 in the Official Singles Chart. The other two songs" Castle On The Hill" and "Galway Girl" too, are doing pretty well in Spotify.

Until now,"Divide" has gained more than 2.2 million sales and about 10 million international sales. Will Ed Sheeran’s new single be equally popular as his “Shape of You?” Share your opinion in the comments.