Fox's "Star Trek" parody show "The Orville" is a huge hit and viewers will be happy to know that the Seth Macfarlane created show will continue to pay homage to the numerous "Star Trek" shows that inspired it. During a question and answer session on Reddit, McFarlane revealed that there are plans in place to have former Trek actors appear in cameos and minor roles on the popular sci-fi show. This reveal has been met by praise from both critics and fans.

Which actors will cameo?

So far McFarlane has not revealed which actors will cameo on the show, but it is very possible that actors from "The Next Generation" will be asked to make cameo appearances.

"The Orville" is essentially a spiritual successor to "The Next Generation," and MacFarlane is a huge fan of the aforementioned show. In "Family Guy," MacFarlane gathered all the former cast members of "The Next Generation" for a reunion on the show. There has never been a formal "Star Trek: The Next Generation" reunion, so in MacFarlane's mind this was the next best thing.

'The Orville' features numerous cameos

"The Orville" is already full of cameos that are instantly recognizable to both comedy fans and sci-fi fans. Former "SNL Weekend Update" anchor and beloved stand-up comedian Norm Macdonald stars as Yaphit the alien blob, and Jeffery Tambor of "Arrested Development" and "Hellboy" fame made a cameo appearance as a hologram of Captain Mercer's father.

There is plenty of speculation about which Trek actors will appear on the show, fans are desperate to see Patrick Stewart appear on "The Orville." Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "The Next Generation", also stars as CIA director Avery Bullock on MacFarlane's animated sitcom "America Dad!"

'Star Trek' actor shows interest

Multiple "Star Trek" actors have shown interest in appearing on "The Orville" including Garrett Wang, who starred as Ensign Harry Kim on "Star Trek: Voyager".

Wang, who also had a small role on "American Dad!," said that "The Orville" represents a return to the classic storytelling that was popularized in the sci-fi shows of the 60s and 80s.

Seth MacFarlane, himself, has also made his share of cameo appearances. MacFarlane, who plays Captain Mercer on "The Orville", appeared in multiple episodes of "Star Trek: Enterprise." Which "Star Trek" actors would you like to see appear on Fox's "The Orville"? What do you think of the show so far?