Peggy Sulahian is the newest housewife to join "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and it sounds like she's impressive to some of the cast members. She has supposed her husband throughout the years, as he built a massive company. Even Vicki Gunvalson revealed that her son Michael had been a huge fan of Peggy's husband, Diko. However, it sounds like Peggy may not really fit in with her "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars, as they are very different from her. Sulahian knows that she can say and do just about anything with her family and they will understand, but her new co-stars had a hard time understanding her perspectives.

This includes the jokes she makes about her husband on the show.

According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian is now explaining why she's making such odd comments about her husband on the show. He is clearly the one that pays the bills and takes care of the home, but she will still make odd jokes that don't sit well with her new co-stars. Peggy is now revealing that she may have made a mistake when she was talking about her husband and she's now revealing that she was kidding when she was calling her husband cheap. Perhaps she was asked by her husband to issue an apology, as she was mocking him on national television.

Odd comments

"I was only kidding when I called Diko a hypocrite. He is not cheap at all, and has been such an amazing husband and father.

He’s provided financial and emotional support for 22 years to my family along with myself," Peggy Sulahian has explained in her Bravo blog about what she has said about her husband on "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Many people have said that Diko enjoys the spotlight and he is the one who pushed Peggy to join the show.

If he could get his own role on the show as a housewife, he would take it. This isn't the first time that Peggy has made odd comments. She joked that her husband always beats her on Fridays when Shannon Beador was opening up about the abuse scandal that had caused her to gain 40 pounds.

Bad first impression

In terms of Meghan King Edmonds, Peggy Sulahian didn't make a great first impression.

When they were hanging out at Diko's event, Meghan kept bringing up the past. Sulahian didn't want to hear about it and she pinched King Edmonds' lips together. She felt Peggy crossed the line and it was interesting to see their interaction. Meghan said it was a horrible first impression.

What do you think about Peggy Sulahian now retracting her story about her husband being cheap?