Over the last three weeks, Donald Trump has been forced to pushback against multiple allegations of sexual assault. Since the start of October, a dozen women have come forward to claim Trump touched them inappropriately, though there's another story that has been ignored by much of the media.

Trump's rape case

To start the final full month of his campaign, Trump was forced to confront a leaked audio which revealed his private sexual desires during a conversation in the now infamous hot mic Access Hollywood tape. The October surprise rocked the Trump campaign, which has led to the Republican nominee accusing the media of working with Hillary Clinton in an attempt to end his White House bid.

While the allegations have been taken serious, Trump has even more problems on his hand. Earlier this month, a federal judge decided that a rape lawsuit against Trump had enough evidence to move forward to a status hearing. The accuser claims that Trump, along with convicted pedophile Jefferey Epstein, raped her on more than one occasion when she was only 13-years-old. As reported by The Daily Star on October 28, a video tape of the accuser could be purchased by a mainstream media outlet for a high price tag.

Known in the court documents as "Jane Doe," Katie Johnson claims that she was brought to Epstein's home in the summer of 1994 where she alleges that the two forcefully raped and abused her.

In the court documents, Johnson claims she was the victim of a "savage sexual attack," while accusing Trump of striking her in the face, holding her down, and threatening to kill her family if she ever spoke out about the altercation. Johnson also claims Trump took her virginity during the first alleged incident.

The Daily Star points out that a full video interview is available, and various "media outlets have been approached by a publicist attempting to sell a video allegedly of Trump’s accuser for $1 million." As of pres time, clips of the tape have been leaked to the public, with Johnson, or a woman who claims to be her, having her face and voice distorted to protect her identity.

In the leaked clips, Johnson describes, in detail, what allegedly went down during that summer,including racist comments made by Trump.

In response to the latest news, Trump's legal team have labeled the lawsuit "baseless," saying that "there is absolutely no merit to it." In regards to the aforementioned tape, Trump's attorney Alan Garten referred to it as a "hoax."

Moving forward

Despite the results of the upcoming election, Trump's legal team will head to a New York City court on December 16 after Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams ordered a status conference to take place. By that time, Trump will either be prepping for becoming the next President of the United States, or he will most likely head back to the private sector.