Chris Brown is famous for his assault of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and this action continues to haunt his career and life. Brown's most recent girlfriend Karrueche Tran has since come forward with claims that she felt unsafe in the presence of Brown when their relationship went through rough times.

Tran fell in love with Chris Brown

According to E! News, Karrueche Tran has opened up about her relationship with her ex Chris Brown. Tran stated that she met Brown when she was working a stylist job. She explained that Chris Brown was extremely charming and that their relationship was first one of friendship and then changed to a romantic one.

Tran stated that she Fell In Love with Brown easily and that she enjoyed the time they were together. The actor has confirmed that she has since moved on from her relationship with Brown and is now focusing on her career. Karrueche is now acting on the new show "Claws" and is trying to keep the momentum of her career going.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Tran has decided to dedicate some of her time to developing herself as a person. It is clear that she is completely over Chris Brown and has decided to distance herself from Brown as much as she can.

The actor states that their relationship was tumultuous

According to the Daily Mail, Tran stated that her two-year relationship with Chris Brown was full of ups and downs.

She confirmed that the pair had an on again, off again relationship and there were times when she feared for her safety. Tran confirmed that Chris tried to contact her by throwing rocks at her window and repeatedly ringing her doorbell.

In a report by E! News, Tran was asked by interviewer Wendy if she was ever abused by Chris Brown.

Tran refused to give an answer to this question and stated that she was no longer in contact with her ex. Tran and Brown began dating two years after Brown split from his ex-Rihanna who he attacked violently when they were together.

According to Dance Hall Hip Hop, Tran confirmed that she took out a restraining order against Chris Brown because she feared for her protection and safety.

When asked why exactly she wanted to take out the restraining order again, Tran refused to give a direct answer. She has since taken out another restraining order against Brown this June 2017.

Fans of Chris Brown were shocked to hear that his most recent ex-has taken out not one, but two, restraining orders against their favorite artist.