"Grey's Anatomy" and "13 Reasons Why" actress Kate Walsh recently revealed that her medical health hasn't always been perfect. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had to go through surgery to have it removed. If it weren't so devastating, there would be an element of irony to it (and Walsh will be able to look back positively now). The actress played Addison Montgomery, the first wife of neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd.

Kate Walsh couldn't believe what she was hearing

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the "13 Reasons Why" actress explained that she hadn't even considered the tumor.

The only reason she knew something was seriously wrong was that the results were being given to her immediately. That only happens when instant treatment is needed. As soon as she heard about the tumor, she explains that she just left her body and couldn't take all the information in right away.

The tumor went undiagnosed for a long time and may have been missed entirely. She had attributed many of the symptoms to menopause, and those took place while filming "Bad Judge." Some of the symptoms she believed were linked to her filming schedule and the amount of coffee she was drinking. It was only as the symptoms became worse that she started to seek medical treatment. Walsh explained that she struggled to hold a thought, forgot words, and struggled with other cognitive processes.

They were all symptoms that she would have known from her "Grey's Anatomy" days were a sign that something was dangerously wrong.

Surgery within three days

It didn't take long for the doctors to act. The tumor was on her left frontal lobe and large, so surgery was required immediately. Within three days, Walsh was in the operating room.

Despite being thankful that the tumor is now out, she is also grateful that her instincts were right. She didn't want to waste the time of her doctors or at the hospital. Despite playing a doctor and surgeon for many years, Walsh did admit that she didn't feel comfortable at the hospital. It's not surprising considering she was on the opposite side of the scalpel than she would have been on the show.

She did take some time off to recover from the surgery but found it hard to take time off work. She quickly found a project that she could do, once she was out of the woods. One thing the actress did realize from the health scare was the things that really mattered in her life. Sharing her health problems will hopefully help others get the confidence to seek medical attention for any symptoms they may experience.