It seems that Frost will gain relevance in the next episode of the Japanese series. Let’s recall that the usual Fuji-TV programming has been altered due to a 27-hour-event. Yet we know some of the details of what’s going to happen next week to Master Roshi. Let’s check out what the official review has for us.

Episode 107 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Title: The F vengeance!. Smart cheating?

Synopsis: Universe 7 has been targeted for elimination!. The furious attack of Frost, from Universe 6. After the eliminations of Krillin and Tienshin Han, Universe 7 is pretty tense, and Frost uses this to his advantage and charges towards Master Roshi.

Just then, Vegeta…

This week Goku: He immediately unleashes a fierce battle against Ribrianne. Goku tries to help his partners as Frost attacks them, But Ribrianne from Universe 2 stands in his way!.

As we can see in the leaked review, what we’ve been announcing seems to be happening. Firstly, we can see Master Roshi in trouble, as Frost will be attacking him, but Vegeta seems to stand in his way. But why is the episode called “The F vengeance”?

If we consider that the “F” corresponds to Frieza and not to Frost and that the vengeance comes from his planning, we can expect that the former emperor of Evil will face no other than Vegeta in a spectacular fight. He will surely try to take revenge for his defeat on Earth, where the Prince of the Saiyans almost killed him, forcing him, in fact, to commit suicide in a desperate attempt to destroy Earth.

Of course, it was thanks to Whis that Goku ultimately managed to defeat Frieza before he successfully destroys the planet and everyone in it. This is the reason why we believe that the title refers Frieza. Also, it is understandable that Frieza defends Frost since before the tournament begun, they made a pact to support each other.

How will everyone react to his treason?

On the last note, we have to speak of Goku and his new challenge, facing Ribrianne from Universe 2. According to some unofficial information, it is possible that this battle will be interrupted by Jiren, giving room to one of the most awaited battles of the tournament. Yet we don’t believe that this will be the true battle between them since there are still many other warriors to defeat.

Let’s see what happens…

Additional Information

Dragon Ball Super” Episode 109 will showcase the highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren The Grey. It is set to air on October 8 during the anime’s one-hour TV special.