joy-anna Duggar is the most recent Duggar to walk down the aisle. Just months after her wedding, her husband Austin Forsyth has been plagued with different issues. Shortly after the couple announced they're expecting, the latest report claims that Forsyth's dad is divorced.

The Duggars are very conservative, especially when it comes to marriage. In fact, after Josh Duggar admitted to his infidelity and pornography addiction, Anna Duggar was advised to stay with him. Divorce is a big no-no in the family.

Austin Forsyth has a complicated family

Radar Online acquired court documents proving that Joy-Anna's father-in-law, Terry Lynn Forsyth, is divorced from his first wife Julia Ann Forsyth.

The then-couple share two children, Brandon and Rachael. Both were under two when their parents separated.

Terry was ordered to pay $250 per month for child support. In addition to this, he was responsible for their medical and life insurance. He then met Roxanne. They married and formed their own family. Austin is one of their children.

Aside from Austin Forsyth's divorced dad, his half brother Brandon was reportedly arrested in 2010 for purchasing a stolen weapon. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 months in prison with three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay $100 in costs.

Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband is rebellious

Austin has a complicated family, but that's not all, he has attitude problems too.

According to a source close to the Duggars, there are a lot of talks about Joy-Anna's husband being a rebel. But the "19 Kids and Counting" clan is reportedly aware of it already as he grew up with them. They knew each other for over a decade already.

Although the Duggars have known Austin for years, his attitude still disappoints some of the family members.

Anna Duggar, in particular, reportedly finds Joy-Anna’s husband “immature, arrogant and lacked experience.”

Since Joy-Anna and Austin started to date, the couple violated a number of the family’s dating rules. For instance, he touched her hands while they were still courting, which is prohibited for the Duggars. Second, Joy-Anna hugged him during his proposal when only side-hugs are allowed before marriage.

There were also speculations that Joy-Anna and Austin had a shotgun wedding. Initially, their wedding date was scheduled for October, but it was moved to last May. In August, the couple confirmed that they are expecting which only intensifies the rumors that Joy-Anna was already pregnant on her wedding day.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, National Enquirer's Chief Medical Correspondent, has not treated the "Counting On" star. But from the looks of her baby bump, the doctor believes Joy-Anna is already four to five months pregnant.

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