Kameron Westcott is new to "The Real Housewives of Dallas," but it sounds like she has many things that her co-stars want. She has a loving husband who makes the money, she has the freedom to launch a business, and she lives in a big house. She's also part of the Dallas social circle and she may be someone, who women strive to be friends with because of her status. It is possible that Kameron was concerned when she heard that her "The Real Housewives of Dallas" co-star, Stephanie Hollman, had purchased a home in Dallas to become part of the Dallas social circle.

Little did Westcott know, Stephanie didn't even know she had purchased the home or that she was moving.

According to a new report, Kameron Westcott is now speaking out about what she had been told about her co-star and her supposed desire to be a part of the Dallas social circle. As it turns out, Kameron doesn't want to judge Stephanie, but she does know that not everyone can be a part of this circle.

Higher status

"I don't know, but for right or wrong if you don't live in certain zip codes in Dallas you are out of sight and therefore out of mind, so that may be why she wants to move. The suburbs are fantastic in Dallas and are only getting cooler, but they have their own society independent from core Dallas society," Kameron Westcott explains in her blog for Bravo.

It sounds like Westcott doesn't think that it is bad that Stephanie wants to move and she doesn't slam the neighborhoods or communities that surround Dallas. In fact, she doesn't think that there is a reason to move unless you really want to be a part of the social circle in Dallas. Perhaps her co-stars, including D'Andra Simmons and Leeanne Locken, want to be a part of the Dallas social circle.

LeeAnne Locken spreading rumors

It was LeeAnne Locken who claimed that Stephanie wanted to be a part of the social circle and had bought the massive house to get into the right zip code. Of course, none of the ladies knew that Travis Hollman was the one who had purchased the house without telling his wife about it. It sounds like LeeAnne felt so confident in her belief that Stephanie would buy a house just to fit into the social circle that she never questioned any other reasons for Stephanie buying a home in a different area of Dallas. Since Locken is so secure in her case, Hollman shouldn't expect an apology.

What do you think of Kameron Westcott's comments about Stephanie's move to the Dallas zip code?