Lately on "The Bold and the Beautiful" the character of Brooke Logan seems to be no more than a trophy wife. Since marrying Dollar Bill Spencer, she no longer seems to have a valuable role and is mostly in the background of other members of the Forrester and Spencer families. If she does not get a good storyline soon, Brooke is going to look like the stereotypical Dumb Blonde.

Being Mrs. Bill Spencer has diminished Brooke to second class status

Ever since she married Dollar Bill, there has not been a strong storyline for Brooke. She is just around the periphery of her family and friends, showing up like a dutiful trophy wife to dote on her husband once in a while.

This is compounded by the fact that her spouse, stepson, and niece through marriage are in the middle of the biggest plot on "The Bold and the Beautiful" right now.

Deception is all around Ms. Logan/Spencer, but she is not picking up on any of it. Brooke has so much more to offer than appearing like the stereotypical dumb blonde. She does not know that Bill said that the fashion show in Monte Carlo was a tie, when "Spectra Fashions" actually won out over 'Forrester Creations. Liam however just figured it all out. Dollar Bill lied to Thomas that Caroline is dying, which caused him to leave Sally and Spectra, and move to New York.

The biggest secret that her hubby is keeping from her is that he could be charged with arson.

Bill had Justin pay someone to burn the Spectra building and admitted it to Liam. Now his son wants him to take leave of absence or be turned in to the authorities. Brooke is unaware that her spouse is being blackmailed by his own son. He also lied to Thomas that Caroline was dying, in order to get him away from Sally and Spectra.

Brooke is more than a dumb blonde and trophy wife

On Friday, Brooke showed up at "Spencer Publications" to pay her hubby a visit. She began giving him a massage as Dollar Bill began talking about how you cannot be successful by doing things the right way, adding that he had everything in the palm of his hand and lost it. Ms. Logan/Spencer tells him that whatever "it" is he can get it back.

Bill jumps up and moves away from her as he thinks about the situation he is in.

Bill ponders that Liam is expecting the company to be turned over to him by 9:00 a.m. the next morning. He then tells Brooke that he needs time off and is thinking about letting his son run "Spencer Publications" She asks him what is really going on, but he does not answer. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out what Bill says and how his wife handles it.