Many of us can remember turning off the lights and getting ready to watch all of the Halloween movies on the Disney Channel. One that has become timeless and loved by many is "Hocus Pocus." Really, what is there not to love about a trio of witches who wish to murder and eat children? It's classically Halloween, and along with many other classics, it's getting a remake.

The new version of 'Hocus Pocus'

The remake of this movie will not be featuring any members of the Original Cast. This fact makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Will anyone else really be able to fill the witchy shoes of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy?

It's definitely questionable, but there's no reason to shut down the remake just yet.

Scarlett Lacey, writer for "The Royals," will be writing this TV movie remake and will be choosing an entirely new cast. While there hasn't been any information released about the possible cast, many fans are impatiently waiting to see who they choose to replace these wonderfully witchy women. Fortunately, David Kirschner will be the executive producer of this film, as he produced the original.

What is 'Hocus Pocus'?

For any readers who have not heard of the movie, "Hocus Pocus" is a movie set in Salem. In 1693, where three witches were trying to live forever by eating the souls of children, and were executed.

But due to some Halloween shenanigans, some teenagers lit the wrong candle in the old witches' house in 1993 and the witches came back, ready to try to live forever once more.

When the movie first came out, it was not received very well. Many critics found it boring and overall a terrible movie. However, that didn't stop the public from falling in love.

Perhaps it has to do with the wonderful Halloween feeling, or maybe it was the wonderful choice in actresses for each of the quirky characters -- witches included. It quickly became a Halloween favorite and is still very popular, nearly 25 years later. You could say that Bette Midler was successful in putting a spell on us all.

Fortunately, fans have at least one more Halloween with the original "Hocus Pocus." There's no report of a set release date for the remake, which is a good thing since we have no idea who the cast will feature. Disney has decided to have an all-day marathon of this fan favorite on October 31 this year. So, be sure to have your popcorn, candy, and any other Halloween snacks you love on hand as you enjoy this very bewitching day.