A few months ago on "The Young and the Restless," a familiar face made a return to town. Dina Mergeron showed up after selling her company to Neil and Devon and is now heavily involved in current storylines. She is also getting cozy with her stepson Billy. Jack and Ashley's mother, however, is no replacement for the former grand dame of daytime television, who was Katherine Chancellor.

There is a void on "The Young and the Restless' sans Katherine that cannot be filled

Katherine Chancellor was a part of the landscape of "The Young and the Restless since its inception.

She grew from a vindictive alcoholic, to become a character who was endeared to the fans. Kay was fearless and strong and was an integral part of the show.

With the death of her portrayer, came the onscreen death of the character as well. There is a void that is not being filled, the same way there is no laughter and life in the Chancellor mansion anymore. Kudo's to the writers however for bringing back Dina Mergeron. She speaks her mind and brings an energy to the show that is clearly her own. Jack and Ashley's mother, however, cannot replace the former grand dame of the show.

Daytime television should reflect real life, which is comprised of seniors as well as those who are deemed to be young and restless.

The difference between Katherine and Dina, however, is that Ms. Mergeron came and went on the show, but Mrs. Chancellor was a fixture for life. Dina has now breezed back into town bringing a much younger Graham whom Jack once referred to as a "boy toy." She is working at Jabot but there seems to be some memory issues. Dina Mergeron's aging issues are being exposed, where Katherine Chancellor, never really seemed to age.

Dina holds her own but cannot replace Katherine

Currently, Dina is forming a bond with her stepson Billy Abbot. Spoiler alerts indicate that she will soon give him a warning of some sort. It probably has to do with Jack trying to sabotage "Brash and Sassy." There is also the unresolved issue of who Graham Bloodworth really is.

Fans are eager to find out the truth about this man, who is held in such high regard by Ms. Mergeron. Fans also are wondering what happened to Jess Walton, who plays Jill Atkinson. She returned to Genoa City for a few days in June and then was off again.

There has been no indication as to whether or not Dina Mergeron will be on "The Young and the Restless" long term, or if she will make a hasty exit once Graham's identity is revealed. It's great seeing her bond with granddaughter Abby and spar with Phylis and Nikki but, if she is supposed to replace Kay Chancellor as the grande dame of the show it will never happen. Dina can hold her own, but will never be able to replace Katherine.