Demi Rose is an up and coming model who gained huge media attention when she started dating Tyga shortly after his split from Kylie Jenner. Rose is 22-years-old and has had to deal with a lot of negativity from the public since her career began. The model revealed that the public simply decided to hate on her because of her relationship with Tyga.

Rose admits that she respects Kylie

According to Green Valley News, Demi Rose has come forward with claims that there is no bad blood between her and fellow celebrity Kylie Jenner. Rose was involved with Tyga shortly after he and Kylie split back in 2016.

This caused considerable controversy at the time, and rumors surfaced that Demi and Kylie were at odds with one another.

However, Demi Rose has crushed these rumors by revealing that she and Kylie simply dated the same guy, and have no ill feelings towards one another. Demi stated that she has the utmost respect for Kylie and has claimed that she has never said anything bad about her. She has confirmed that these claims were started by the public and has revealed that she does not understand why they hate on her so much.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Demi Rose has stated that she does not let the negativity get to her. She has claimed that she gets a considerable amount of love online as well as hate and that she is grateful for the ongoing support and love from her fans.

The star opened up about her eating disorder

According to Hollywood Life, Demi Rose has also opened up about her battles with an eating disorder. The current model has admitted that when she was younger she struggled with an eating disorder and her weight went to a very dangerous level.

Rose recalled how when she was 16 she began to get a curvy figure.

She stated that she hated it and wanted to be skinnier. The model put herself on an extremely strict diet in order to lose weight and revealed that she was very unhappy with herself at the time.

However, in a report by Green Valley News, Rose has since admitted that she has tackled her eating disorder. She claims that she is now eating healthily and goes to the gym regularly.

She stated that one day she woke up and knew that she had to change things for herself. The model has come a long way since her teenage years and is now celebrated for her curves in the modeling industry.

Demi Rose has tackled the rumors about her and Kylie and has opened up with her fans about some of the negative experiences in her life.