Demi Lovato was recently Hacked and a photo showing more skin than usual has made its way to the online world. So is she spitting tacks over what the headlines are calling a "nude photo" hack? Is Demi Lovato threatening a lawsuit and vowing to get the culprit who did this? No - she's not losing any sleep over the hacker and apparently she's just fine with it today.

They say some folks are just so at ease in their own skin that they don't feel the need to worry if a bit of exposure happens now and then. That's usually not the way celebrities take it when someone hacks their private photos and they suddenly appear online for the world to ogle.

Big names usually make a statement about how angry they are, or how this is an invasion of their privacy before taking the culprit to court if they can find them.

'Freaking out'

According to Us Weekly, Demi is in awe of how "everyone is freaking out" about this except her. It is one picture that shows "cleavage" and it is not "nude," Demi said. At one time this celebrity did a nude photo shoot, so it is not as if her body hasn't been seen before, conveys the singer. Lovato also points out that the "world has seen me nude by CHOICE before."

Demi, who is only 24, has been extremely open about the body issues she battles along with her eating disorders. It was back in 2015 when she stripped down and posed for some very classy pictures wearing nothing but a smile.

Unzipped hoodie

The hacked picture bubbled up online earlier this week and it showed Demi, sitting on a bed in an unzipped hoodie. Yes, it showed more skin than usual, but as Demi said, it really wasn't a "nude" photo. Demi has grown very confident these days and being comfortable in her own body has made her a much happier person.

According to Fox News, Demi Lovato is just one of several celebrities to have their personal photos hacked. It seems that Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, Mischa Barton, Rose McGowan and figure skater Analeigh Tipton were all victims of a hacker. Model Dylan Penn and the star of "Arrow," Katie Cassidy, are also victims of hacked photos and the list is getting longer by the day.

Celebrities hacked

Fox is reporting that this recent photo hacking is being compared to the 2014 event when about 100 female celebrities had their nude photos popping up online all over the place. While the numbers are not near the amount of photos hacked in the 2014 event, it is still concerning for those who are being exposed online!