Four members of the Polish death metal band, Decapitated, were arrested after their concert in Santa Ana, California on Saturday. Michal M. Lysejko (27), Waclaw J. Kieltyka (35), Rafal T. Piotrowski (31), and Hubert E. Wiecek (30) were all accused of kidnapping a woman after the group’s gig in Spokane, Wash on Aug. 31.

Before they got arrested, they performed with Thy Art Is Murder as part of their “Double Homicide” concert tour at The Pin concert venue downtown. They are all Polish citizens.

The arrest and the alleged crime

According to Loud Wire, Spokane Police Department spokesperson Cpl.

Teresa Fuller revealed that a woman called their department around 2 AM and made a complaint about being kidnapped.

The alleged victim was not identified to the media. Also, it is not yet known where the woman was abducted when the so-called kidnapping happened.

Decapitated arrived in Santa Ana for their “Double Homicide” concert tour. However, the group was arrested and is now in the police department’s custody. They are still waiting to be transported from the Los Angeles County Jail to Spokane. Cpl. Fuller also added that the band could face other charges as the Spokane’s Special Victims Unit is investigating the case.

Counter offense

Decapitated hired attorney Steve Graham of Spokane in their defense.

“There is another side to this,” the lawyer claimed.

In fact, he revealed that they already have some witnesses that can testify that his clients are innocent. According to reports, the alleged victim visited the band of her own will and left on “good terms.”

Graham also added that the group was more than willing to surrender after they found out that there was an investigation happening.

However, they never heard anything back about the issue. He even explained that he could take the band to Spokane as soon as possible and they would cooperate of their own accord.

Graham fears that his clients might need to stay longer in the Los Angeles County Jail before they can be finally taken to Spokane. He also insisted that they would not fight any extradition and are prepared to voluntarily return to the country.

Decapitated held concerts in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia before the alleged kidnapping happened. They are also set to perform on Sept. 21 at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. The group was formed in 1996 in Poland.