Jasmine Block, 15, went missing from her Alexandria, Minn., home on August 8. 29 days later, Block has finally escaped her kidnappers after they left her alone for the first time to go and get lunch. The teenager knocked on several doors in the immediate area without any response, then swam across Thompson Lake to get away from the foreclosed home in which she had been held for almost a month. Once back on dry land, she then asked a farmer to help her.

According to Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels, her kidnappers had threatened Jasmine with weapons and had assaulted her, keeping the teenager against her will in the house, located more than 200 miles from her home.

Those kidnappers are now in custody.

Farmer was heading for work when he saw the Minnesota teen

As reported by CBS Local, the farmer who helped Block, and who wished to remain anonymous, said he was heading to work Tuesday, but realized he had forgotten something. As he headed back to his house he saw something out in the field behind his home. He initially thought it was a deer, but on closer inspection he found Block standing in the field behind his home. The teenager then ran to the farmer’s car and explained what had happened, asking him to call 911. The farmer said he didn’t want to be considered a hero, saying he was just in the right place at the right time and that anyone can dial 911.

As a deputy arrived at the farmer’s home, Block spotted a car belonging to one of her kidnappers driving by. The deputy arrested Steven Powers, 20, from the vehicle and officers eventually found the other two kidnapping suspects, Joshua Holby, 31, and Thomas Barker, 32, whose car was spotted outside a home by a state trooper.

All three suspects are now in custody for kidnapping.

Kidnapping of Jasmine Block by family acquaintance

Wyffels explained that Barker, a family acquaintance, had conned Block by saying he required help with some kind of family situation. Once he got her into his vehicle, Barker used zip ties to restrain the teenager and took her to his Carlos home.

Then he, along with Holby and Powers, then reportedly assaulted Block, threatening her with weapons and keeping her captive. Wyffels said that during the 29 days of her kidnapping the men had transported Block to several different locations, including the foreclosed home the teenager had finally escaped from in Grant County.

As noted by the New York Daily News, Jasmine has now been reunited with her mother, Sarah Block, who went on to Facebook to thank all supporters and friend who had been with her over a difficult time and posting an image of her and her daughter.